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Terra Digital Audio ships worldwide, and provides upgrade, repair, and support at over 400 locations in twenty different countries including:


Hong Kong

New Zealand

South Africa


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I communicate with one of your product specialist?

Communicating with a product specialist can be done by either of the following methods. ­

  1. Calling us directly at: 1-800-730-0675 X301
  2. Call us via Skype at: terradigitalusa
  3. Through email at

How do I place an order?

The best way is begin by first selecting a product model and configuring it to meet your specifications. Then send us an email to We can then coordinate a follow-up call either through Skype (free phone) or standard phone line. We will then conform the details with you, send you shipping options and confirm the order. We will ship the system after we receive payment.T

What kind of payment do you accept?

Paypal and Wire Transfer¨

When using Paypal, make payment to: Terra Digital USA. Go to for instructions on how to use Paypal.

Wire-Transfer - Once we receive and confirm your order, we will then forward the information required to make a money wire-transfer. It is a simple process. We will deduct the wire-transfer fee from your order.

What shipping options do you provide?

We offer UPS., TNT and Federal Express

How do I determine the shipping price for my order?

We will send you the shipping options with the pricing. You can then select between the options provided.

When will my order be shipped?

Orders shipped between 4-8 days after receipt of payment.

Will I receive an email confirmation when my order ships?

Yes, you will receive email from our shipping department with all of the details of your shipment.

How do I receive technical support?

You first start by submitting a technical support ticket on our website. Depending on the problem, we work to resolve the issue via email, remote desktop support, chat support or Skype phone. If we are unsuccessful, and you are close to one of the authorized support locations, we will then provide you with the contact information for the closest authorized support technician where you can ship the system for repair.

How do you package your systems?

We have invested heavily to insure that our products ship safely worldwide. We pack each system in a specially designed double corrugated box, and use Instapak? foam to mold a custom molding around the system. You can learn more about the process by going to: